Private Doula Work

Do you desire experienced support and guidance to work through your grief and loss? Do you want to feel like someone is by your side supporting each and every step of the way? If you answered yes, I invite you to apply for my one-on-one Private Doula Work.
A one month, two month or three month 1:1 individual grief and loss support that consists of access to me when you need it most.
We use Voxer, a “walkie talkie” app that you will download onto your phone. Rather than having a set schedule of weekly communication sessions, you can ring me using Voxer to let me know that you need my support that same day or the next day.
You will be sent my office hours every week to keep you informed of my availability and, while there might be times I’m not immediately available (I’m talking with another client, at a business meeting or doctor’s appointment), I will return your Voxer call ASAP and we will arrange a time to talk, either by phone or on Zoom, your preference.
Alternatively, you might decide to schedule your weekly sessions in advance. You will still have Voxer access to me should you need support at any given time. All calls are scheduled in 60 minute time allocations. You will receive a weekly emails with materials you can download and can join a private group on FaceBook, if you choose

I work with a handful of one-on-one clients to ensure I am giving you optimal care. To apply click the link below.


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Emotional Journaling

A beginner's look into emotional journaling, Transforming Pain Into Growth: A Guided Journaling Series for Coping with Grief is a powerful and transformative email series designed to help you navigate the turbulent waters of loss and grief. Through carefully crafted prompts and thought-provoking exercises, this series will guide you on a journey of self-discovery, personal growth and emotional restoration. As you pour your heart onto the pages of your journal, you'll uncover hidden strengths, develop resilience, and find solace in the therapeutic power of written expression. Join us on this poignant journey and transform your pain into an opportunity for profound personal growth and emotional well-being. It includes 4 weeks of prompts, audio recordings, worksheets, a workbook, and Private FB group.

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Coming October 2023

What Not To Do When Your Husband Dies

is a poignant look at one widow’s first several years of widowhood. Hindsight is 20/20, as they say, and the best part about hindsight is its ability to serve others traveling the same path. This book delivers just that. The author talks about the mistakes she made as a young widow because of the decisions she made while grieving the sudden death of her husband. She shows how grief compromises the ability to think with clarity and perspective and offers guidance, knowledge and support to those traveling the path of grief that only someone who has walked the walk can know. 

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