Hi, I'm Therese

Founder of The Widow Doula



I am a mother, entrepreneur, caregiver, tea addict, eternal optimist, orchid wizard, natural protector, dog mom, meditator, mediator, and widow. In 1995, I unexpectedly lost my husband who went out to buy milk for the morning and never returned home. He suffered a traumatic brain injury from a car accident and died, leaving behind me and my young son and daughter. As a grieving young widow, I had to continue raising our son and daughter on my own. I struggled through my own grief journey, as my young family went through the wild ride of a traumatic loss and the ensuing grief, pain, and disjointed planning that accompanies it. Without the proper support in my life, I struggled to make difficult decisions. I made bad choices and grave mistakes because I didn't have the counseling or feedback to make better choices. Yet, through sheer determination, I learned from these early years of widowhood and persevered — processing, exploring, understanding, and rising to help others move forward in life while grieving. 



With my unshakeable confidence and earned experience, I am here to support you through your grief journey from grief counseling to budget planning. We will work together to create your survival strategies and your roadmap to move forward.



 As a meditation instructor, student and practitioner of Tibetan Buddhism for 48+ years, I bring a lifetime of working with mindfulness and awareness meditation to tame and train the mind into my work with people experiencing loss and grief. Mindfulness combined with my thorough training as both a grief counselor and a neuroscience coach, leader, and trainer gives me a unique perspective on how our minds process grief, loss, and the strong emotions that arise from grieving. Using these two modalities synergistically, we can understand how the brain on grief and loss can sabotage our mind’s clarity. We can uncover the small, bold, courageous steps we need to move forward with our lives while processing our loss. 


If you are ready to receive support with your grief journey.

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