Hi I'm Therese Marchitelli (She/Her) 

I am the Widow Doula, I guide women, men, transgender people, and non-binary people to take bold steps forward with their lives while grieving the loss of their partner. 

"Therese is a kind and caring listener. Her open mind and ability to connect heart-fully with anyone, coupled with her own personal experiences, would be of tremendous benefit to anyone suffering through grief and loss. She is compassionate, a clear and honest communicator and knows what she’s dealing with when it comes to grief and loss."

— Ken E.

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Tides of Grief : Navigating Loss Through Mindful Breath Practice


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Private Doula Work

Do you desire to have experienced support and guidance to work through your grief and loss? Do you want to feel like someone is by your side supporting you each and every step of the way? If you answered yes, I invite you to apply for my one-on-one Private Doula Work. I work with a handful of one-on-one clients to ensure I am giving you optimal care. To apply click the link below.

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Emotional Journaling

A fresh look into emotional journaling and how this can help us process the strong emotions of grieving. It includes 4 weeks of prompts, audio recordings, worksheets, a workbook, and a Private FB group. Click below to learn more.

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"Pathways Through Grief" are individual workshops designed to tenderly accompany you through the labyrinth of loss and assist you in navigating the complexity of your grieving mind.

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Grief Talk Weekly Blog

Part 1: A Brief Overview of the Neurobiology of Grief

Jan 31, 2023

 Now available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and wherever books are sold!

What Not To Do When Your Husband Dies: Neuroscience & Mindfulness As Tools To Navigate Grief

is a poignant look at one widow’s first several years of widowhood. Hindsight is 20/20, as they say, and the best part about hindsight is its ability to serve others traveling the same path. This book delivers just that. The author talks about the mistakes she made as a young widow because of the decisions she made while grieving the sudden death of her husband. She shows how grief compromises the ability to think with clarity and perspective and offers guidance, knowledge, and support to those traveling the path of grief that only someone who has walked the walk can know. 

#1 Best Seller Spiritual Growth

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